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3ft batten light vs. tube light A comprehensive comparison for Industrial and Residential use

3ft batten light

Understanding the basics: Industrial batten light and Tube Light

Industrial batten light & tube light are frequently the most popular options when it comes to choosing the appropriate lighting for different types of locations.

The characteristics of each type of lighting fixture depend on the particular needs of the area.

The industrial batten light is rectangular, long fixtures with a wide, even dispersal of light.

This option is perfect for open areas such as factories, warehouses and workshops

They are made to last in challenging circumstances and provide dependable service in high-pressure settings.

3ft batten light

On the other hand, the traditional tube lights are known to be cylinder-shaped and have been a mainstay in commercial and residential settings for several years.

Some locations such as offices, classrooms, and retail usually use tube lights, as it is known for providing a strong, diffuse illumination.

But nowadays, the lighting industry has undergone substantial changes as a result of developments in LED technology.

Benefits of using the 3ft led batten lights

  • Efficiency in Energy use:

The exceptional energy economy of 3ft led batten light makes it a very strong argument in favor of it over a conventional tube light.

led batten lights 3ft is known for its power consumption, which is far less than fluorescent ones.

As according to the energy consumption, lower electricity and a smaller environmental impact result from this reduction.

LED  batten lighting is highly efficient at converting electrical energy into light.

led batten lights 3ft also ensure that most of the energy used is dedicated to producing illumination, which is far from the concept of the traditional tube lights.

This efficiency not only saves money but also contributes to sustainability efforts by reducing overall energy demand.

  • Durability

One of the most perfect advantages of the 3 ft led batten light is their impressive lifespan. While the traditional tube lights may last around 10,000 hours, high-quality 3 ft led batten light can last up to 50,000 hours or more compared to the traditional one. 

This extended lifespan means fewer replacements are needed, which is particularly beneficial in industrial settings where maintenance can be costly and disruptive.

Brightness & light quality:

led batten lighting provides a high level brightness and light quality compared to the traditional tube lights. They offer a higher color rendering index (CRI), which means they more accurately render the colors of objects. 

This benefit is especially important in environments where accurate color differentiation is important and crucial, such as in manufacturing, design studios and retail spaces.

How to fit led batten light?

Installing a 3ft batten light is typically less complicated and time-consuming than installing the traditional tube light. This is a detailed tutorial on how to install 3ft batten light.

1. Cut off Power: In order to prevent any electrical risks, make sure the installation area’s power supply is cut off.

2. Remove old fixture: Take care to remove and disconnect the wiring if you’re replacing the old light fixture.

3. Set up the space: where the new led batten lighting is going to be installed, mark the locations of the mounting brackets on the wall or ceiling.

4. Install Mounting Brackets: Make sure the mounting brackets are properly secured by fastening them with screws.

5. To connect the wire, make sure that the wiring from the batten light matches the existing wiring, which is usually neutral, ground, and live. To secure the cables, use connectors.

6. Put the led batten lighting in Place: Make sure the 3ft batten light is firmly fixed in position by fastening it to the mounting brackets.

7. Test the light: To make sure the installation went correctly, test the light when everything has been fastened and turned back on.

In contrast, ballasts and starters are commonly needed for extra parts for the traditional tube lights.

It can take longer and be more difficult to install certain components since additional procedures must be taken to make sure they are all appropriately fitted and operating.


Several considerations need to be taken when choosing between the traditional tube light and the led batten light warm white. The energy efficiency, durability, excellent light quality, simplicity of installation, and environmental advantages of led batten lighting make them stand out.

They provide a more cutting-edge and environmentally friendly lighting option than the traditional tube lights

led batten lighting is the perfect obvious choice for industrial applications where dependability and longevity are crucial. Their practical and aesthetic advantages make them equally appealing for both residential and business areas

3ft batten light vs. tube light A comprehensive comparison for Industrial and Residential use
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3ft batten light vs. tube light A comprehensive comparison for Industrial and Residential use
Find out why 3ft led batten light is better than the regular tube lights.For your lighting needs and requirements, know more about energy efficiency, installation, light quality & sustainability.
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