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Led panel light 48w vs. 36W Which is Better? | Your Guide to Choosing Square LED Panel Lights


In the world of modern lighting solutions, LED panel lights have brought about a complete shift in our approach to lighting spaces. Because they are streamlined, energy saving and bright, they can be used in a variety of places such as homes and offices. 

The popular options include LED panel light 48W and LED panel light 36W. 

In this guide we will compare the two focusing on power consumption, brightness and recommended areas of use.

Introduction to LED Panel Lights

Square led panel light is a common feature of contemporary lighting as they are versatile and power efficient. 

They give a sleek design that ensures the even distribution of light through space. 

Different wattages including 36w or 48w also make it usable for various clients’ needs.

Understanding led panel light 48w

  • Power and Efficiency

This is a strong type meant for making illuminations in larger rooms or those needing brighter sources. 

Specifically, manufacturers produce these products using approximately forty eight watts which is considered very high luminous efficacy output ranging from one hundred lumens per watt depending on their designs.

  • Brightness and Light Quality

This implies that you should expect some kind of glaring illumination outbursts if you need them illuminated at all times. 

Such panels usually give around four thousand eight hundred to five thousand two hundred Lumens production; hence one receives brilliant visibility along with a well-illuminated environment around him/her. As a rule, its light quality appears superior due to its higher Color Rendering Index (CRI) values (above80) thus true representation of colors.

  • Ideal Applications

Given its high output, you can think about using a led panel light 48w  in:

  • Large offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Commercial spaces
  • Retail stores
  • Spaces with height ceilings
  • Dimensions and Installation

For instance, there are commonly available products like the led panel light 48w which is measured at six hundred by six hundred millimeters; this measurement has become standard so that it can fit into existing ceiling grids easily. 

There are various installations possible and these will depend on the type of ceiling and the preference of the user.

Exploring LED Panel Light 36W

  • Power and Efficiency

The LED panel light 36W uses just thirty six watts, which is a little lower end in terms of power consumption making it an energy efficient application in medium sized areas. Even though it uses less amounts of power, luminous efficacy remains high with outputs ranging 90 to 110 lumens per watt.

  • Brightness and Light Quality

Even if not as bright as its sibling, this product is still very bright considering that its lumen output ranges from three thousand six hundred to four thousand, depending on the model. 

It is enough to light up a regular office space or home area as well as those places where only moderate lighting is required. The CRI values remain good too; usually above 80 which means colors can be seen more vividly and naturally.

  • Ideal Applications

Therefore, having a LED panel light 36W would be ideal for:

  • Small offices
  • Residential buildings
  • Educational institutions
  • Waiting rooms

Dimensions and Installation

Also available in this specific wattage, there exists another standard dimension of six hundred by six hundred millimeters that can be used in every place where such ceilings exist.

 This allows flexibility when dealing with different types of ceilings whether surface-mounted or recessed ones just like with their counterpart products in forty eight watts form.

  • Energy Consumption and Efficiency

The 36W LED Panel Light Vs the led panel light 48w.

The power consumed by the 36W panel is lower than that of the led panel light 48w panel but brightness falls.

 Therefore, for a room where there is need for intense or very bright light, more energy used on the 48 W panel would be justified.

On the other hand, the 36W version has better energy efficiency and therefore it can be used in areas with moderate lighting requirements as it is cost-effective.

  • Luminosity and Application Suitability

For larger rooms and commercial spaces like offices, a higher lumen output with uniform distribution of light over an area is recommended. A smaller space for lighting purposes within a residential home or even small buildings will actually require softer lighting because of which this variant is provided in them.

  • Installation Considerations

Both panels usually have dimensions that are equivalent to 600×600 mm thus easy to install into existing ceiling infrastructures. 

This provides flexibility in their use hence they can either be recessed mounted, surface mounted or suspended.

  • Cost Implications

More often than not, upfront costs of a led panel light 48w is higher due to its increased wattage and advanced features. However, higher illumination provided by this product reduces quantities of such panels required in large areas making them cheaper overall. 

  • Environmental Impact

The design of both lights incorporates energy efficiency elements thereby leading to lower carbon emissions and reduced electricity consumption compared to traditional bulbs. 

The decision must consider both immediate needs as well as possible future savings on power bills between usage of 60 Watt and 40Watt replacement bulbs.

Choosing the Right LED Panel Light

  • Assessing Your Lighting Needs

Determine the following when comparing led panel light 48w  and 36w:

  • Space Size – Bigger spaces benefit more from the higher output of the 48W panel.
  • Ceiling Height – Higher ceilings require intense brightness, thus the need for the 48W panels.
  • Energy Efficiency – In case there is priority for energy conservation in a given area, it would be good to opt for the 36 W panel.
  • Application – If used in commercial buildings or residential homes then this dictates which wattage you will go for.

In conclusion, choosing led panel light 48w or LED Panel Light 36W depends on specific lighting requirements, room dimensions and energy efficiency levels.

 For example, while in large commercial premises one can choose a brighter option (say a luminaire having luminous flux equal to 3500 Lm), such as a lighting fixture would be quite sufficient to use at home. 

Evaluate your needs carefully to select the most suitable option for your application.

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