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How to fix a flickering 60w led panel light Step by step guide

60w led panel light

Surface LED panel lights are a flexible & energy-saving lighting solution for different environments, including homes & workspaces.

Flickering, however, is a common problem that many users have.

With an emphasis on surface-mount led panel light, we will take you step-by-step through the process of fixing a flickering 60w led panel in this article.

Introduction to LED panel light surface mount

What do you know about the 60w led panel light?

60w led panel light

The 60w led panel is a type of LED fixture intended to produce a wide and efficient light.

Due to its effectiveness & stylish appearance, this panel is frequently used in residential & commercial settings.

This  light is more affordable than other lighting options because of its power usage, which is usually named as  “60w led panel” or surface mount led panel light.

The Importance of Having a surface mount LED Panel light in the cozy environment

With its unlimited illumination quality, longevity & energy saving, the surface mount LED panel light has completely turned the way that modern lighting is illuminated.

Its slender design and diverse mounting alternatives make it the perfect selection for many uses, covering the kitchen illumination & working ceilings.

Common problems with these lighting panels

Despite its benefits, the surface led panel light occasionally experience problems;

flickering being the most common one. Numerous things, such as environmental variables, or electrical problems, may cause this difficulty.

Recognizing these factors is the first step in fixing the problem.

Knowing more about 60w led panel light Flickering

60w led panel light

In your point of view, what could be causing a 60w led panel to Flicker?

Many things can lead to 60w led panel flickering:

  • Voltage Fluctuations: Flickering may be caused by an irregulaar source.
  •  Inconsistent LED driver: The driver controls the flow of electricity to the LEDs, and a fault can lead to instability. 
  •  Bad electrical connections: Damaged or loose wiring can cause power outages
  •  External interference: LED functioning may be disrupted by nearby electrical equipment.

Flickering types:

Visible FlickerConsistent, noticeable flickering that is visible to the unaided eye.
Invisible FlickerUnseen Flickering that may not be felt right away but over time might lead to eye discomfort 

Common  steps in Troubleshooting

• Safety measures:

Make sure the power is off before starting any fixing instructions to prevent electrical dangers. Put on safety clothing & use insulated tools.

• Examining the led panel light surface mount

Start by examining the LED panel light visually. Look for overt indications of charred parts, loose connections, or damage.

A comprehensive guide for troubleshooting electrical connections

  • Make sure every link is safe!

Flickering may result from irregular power transmission caused by loose wires.

  • Checking the power source:

To determine whether the power supply to the surface mount LED panel light is stable, you can use a voltage tester.

One of the reasons for the Flickering is caused by the variations in voltage, which can be a sign for an issue with the electrical circuit.

  • Examining External  Interference

Electronic devices nearby or dimmer switches may be the source for flickering.

To resolve this issue, turn off all devices to see if that step has stopped the flickering.

More Tips for a Professional Fixing

• Testing voltage using a multimeter:

The voltage applied to the led panel light surface mount can be measured with the aid of a multimeter.

This device can verify if the readings are consistent & meet the specifications or not.

  • Searching & Replacing the damaged parts:

It can be necessary to replace certain parts, like the LED driver or capacitors, if they are broken.

Consult the manufacturer’s manual to find parts that would work with it

  • Assessing the LED Driver 

The power to the surface mount led panel light is managed by the LED driver.

Flickering may be the result of a broken driver, which should be checked & replaced in case that it’s needed.

Valuable Knowledge & Guidance from lighting Experts

To reduce the possibility of flickering, the experts always advise to use the premium parts & appropriate installation methods. 

Common Mistakes to avoid:

A 60w led panel can flicker and has a shorter lifespan if you use incompatible dimmer switches or overload the circuits.


Alot of factors, such as electrical problems & defective components, can cause the flickering in surface mount led panel light

Assuring optimal performance requires proper maintenance & troubleshooting.

How to fix a flickering 60w led panel light Step by step guide
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How to fix a flickering 60w led panel light Step by step guide
Learn how to fix a flickering 60w led panel light with our troubleshooting guide. Follow our step-by-step instructions to fix the issues efficiently
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